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ELCO - 40 hp electric motor system Inboard

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  • EP-4000 System
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The first electric boat drive of the US manufacturer ELCO was presented at the World Exhibition... more
Product information "ELCO - 40 hp electric motor system Inboard"
The first electric boat drive of the US manufacturer ELCO was presented at the World Exhibition in Chicago in the 1893rd 55 electric boats,equipped with ELCO drives, then transported more than 1 million visitors through the exhibition grounds.Today, more than 120 years later, produced ELCO Motor Yachts ultramodern and innovative electric drive systems, and luxury electric boats.Building on the company's history ELCO has developed a new, even more efficient range of marine power, which are based on highly reliable and virtually maintenance-free AC motors.Currently produces six different models, compared with conventional diesel engines a power range from 6 - cover 100 hp.The systems are to be installed in new and existing sailing and motor yachts, pleasure boats and light commercial vessels of from 5 to 25 meters in length, alike.The supplied with each drive system ready to install system components of the installation costs could be considerably simplified.The complete electronic engine control and monitoring is provided with a pre-assembled wiring harness and only need to be plugged together.Drive motor and control are fully integrated in a waterproof housing that can be mounted by means of lateral flanges which receive the vibration of a conventional motor base.This system makes it possible to replace existing internal combustion engines often without an elaborate reconstruction of the engine foundation.The advantages of electric drives ELCO- Proposal has no exhaust gases- Very quiet drive - no noise- Very high efficiency of 85% - 92% (a DC DC motor provides only about 55% - 60%)- Batteries are recyclable- Very low (indirect) CO² generation using solar cells or wind turbines for energy production- Take your boat every day and charge the batteries overnight for little money- The motors fit to existing mounting feet- Virtually maintenance free, no need winterizing- Available for conventional shaft systems and Saildrives- The patented motor housing prevents heat of the engine and the environment- High reliability and very long lifetime, provided maintenance after 50,000 hours of operation- When used in a hybrid system in combination with a diesel generator located approximately doubles the range compared to a conventional diesel engine.Specifications: EP-4000Recommended boat length about 32 - 48 ftSystem DC voltage 108 V DCMax. Current consumption 167 AMax electrical power 17 kW.Speed ​​1500 rev / minSpeed ​​"Power Boost" 1800 r / minComparable to an internal combustion engine with 40 PSLength 737 mmWidth 478 mmHeight 478 mmWeight of the motor 182 kgPerformance / ranges: (Approx information, based on a system with AGM batteries with 245 Ah capacity and a depth of discharge of 50%)Cruise speed (60% - 80% of the hull speed) 6 - 8 ktsTravel time (at 60% - 80% of the hull speed, about) 5 - 2 hrs.Range (60% - 80% of the hull speed, ca.) 30 - 17 nmELCO supplied mounting electric motors:- Elco motor with integrated controller- Electronic engine display "E-gauge IV" with monochrome LCD display- Electronic Single throw for dashboard mounting- the ignition lock with two keys- LED "POWER ON"- POWER BOOST - Button- Assembly InstructionsInstallation example, see the photos.Available options for Elco electric motors- engine mounts / vibration- Control unit display E-gauge VII with TFT color display- saildrive (manufactured by Yanmar)- propeller- shaft couplingsHave yourself complete drive systems with AGM or lithium batteries, appropriately sized battery chargers, diesel and wind generators, solar panels and numerous installation materials from our range.We will send you an offer for a full electric or hybrid drive system.Please note:When sending inboard / bulky weight-dependent shipping costs are incurred, which we can calculate order after your.This will give you separately after the order billed and must be paid separately.
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