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MÖRER - lightning protection system - Large

MÖRER - lightning protection system - Large
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Mobile lightning protection systems for GRP yachts with Alumasten.1. studs for the mast. The... more
Product information "MÖRER - lightning protection system - Large"
Mobile lightning protection systems for GRP yachts with Alumasten.1. studs for the mast. The studs made of copper alloy has the anti-corrosion washers (ball-head bolts made of copper, aluminum mast) by means of a lock nut on aluminum mast base to be mounted.2. Main ground terminal for the mast. The ground terminal with handle consists of a copper alloy and is to be secured to the studs by means of the clamping screw.3. spring grounding terminals for shrouds. The spring grounding brass terminals are to be fixed to the upper shroud.4. Flexible copper cable. The flexible, insulated copper cable, the connection of the main ground terminal to the spring grounding terminals to the upper shrouds. The terminals located in this cable are like any other not soldered, but provided with a hydraulic pressure.5. Flexible copper fabric tape. The flexible copper mesh tape is used to derive the flash and must be at least 1.5 m hanging in the water. The copper mesh tape is made because of the much larger surface, in flat form. The cross-section of copper cable is sufficiently sized so that overheating not given ist.Sonderanfertigung!If your ship has other dimensions, are listed as above, we need the following information from you:1. Length of the compound from Mastfluß to the upper shrouds in height of the rigging screw.2. distance between the upper shroud and the ship's outer edge.3. The amount of freeboard. For a ketch or yawl it is advisable to install a separate lightning protection system for the mizzen mast.Successful lightning current test: 100,000 amperes by a German high-voltage laboratory. The test report to E DIN VDE 0185 part 201 attested mobile lightning protection system of Mörer the flash-bearing capacity of up to 100 kA. According to report any apparent damage and no loose were observed or deformation on the test specimen after three lightning current loads. On the main ground terminal and the Kugekopfbolzen for the mast no discernible Abbrandspuren goods by the three lightning current loads determineSince a fiberglass yacht with aluminum mast usually sufficient conductive connection to Wasserhat, it is necessary to ensure a smooth derive the lightning current into the water. The mobile lightning protection system of Mörer is a very good alternative to the shipyard fixed Anlagen.Bei subsequently installed equipment (very expensive) it is difficult at the junctions of the various metals to prevent electrolytic corrosion (damage or destruction of the rig, engine, etc.). The mobile lightning protection system of Mörer can be installed by anyone easily in less alseiner minute. In an impending thunderstorm the main ground terminal with two-sided flexible copper cables and the spring clip is attached to the upper shroud to the studs. The flexible copper mesh tapes are geführt.Die for lightning conduction into the water mobile Lightning protection systems are over 20 years gefertigt.Die of Mörer Schiffselektronik suitable lightning protection system for your yacht: lightning protection system LARGE beam on the mast: 4.00 to 5.50 m freeboard height of fattening: max. 2.50 mThe entire system is delivered in a rugged plastic case.The mobile Lightning protection systems are manufactured by Mörer marine electronics for over 20 years. * Beam to the far curb in the amount of the mast measure.
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