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LEAD CRYSTAL - Battery - 12 V / Ah 55/60

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  • 1972131
  • 6-CNFJ-55
  • 4250327483536
Lead Crystal batteries are used in all areas where high standards of safety, performance and long... more
Product information "LEAD CRYSTAL - Battery - 12 V / Ah 55/60"
Lead Crystal batteries are used in all areas where high standards of safety, performance and long service life are required. Insensitive to cold and heat, minimal self-discharge, extremely long life of up to 18 years, freedom from maintenance and maximum security, make it an ideal battery type.Lead Crystal batteries combine a revolutionary technological breakthrough in battery technology, the full benefits of existing technologies.- The most common shortcomings of lead-acid, lead-acid batteries such as AGM and short life, poor performance and maintenance are eliminated.- The main problems of lithium batteries such as Environmental damage in production and disposal, poor performance at low temperatures, as well as fire and explosion hazard are also removed.Lead Crystal batteries combine all the advantages of a long life, high efficiency, safety and good environmental compatibility.The main differences of the Lead Crystal® batteries to conventional lead-acid batteries are:- lead plates of the highest quality (99.97% pure lead and the lead plates are at the core of the electrochemical reaction, and thus the most important component of the battery; no cadmium, no antimony)- AGM-like separating material (made of ultra-fine glass fiber separator of high porosity)- Novel electrolyte; Using a unique complex technology using a variety of inorganic salts and organic substances, which enhances the reaction between the electrolyte and the electrode active material, its reaction and also safety. When charging / discharging of the battery, the electrolyte is solidified in a crystalline structure and there is no liquid in the battery.Advantages of Lead Crystal batteries- temperature resistance (range from -40 to +65 degrees)- Maintenance-free, no gassing, low heat- No liquids can escape- Location hard, can be mounted in all positions- Can be discharged to 0V and has after 2 cycles again full capacity- Loads and unloads 20% - 40% faster than conventional batteries, best high-rate- Extremely low self-discharge, 2 years can be stored without recharging- No hazardous during transport and storage Technical specifications- Max charge voltage (absorption). 14.3 to 14.7 V DC @ 25 ° C- Conservation charging voltage (float): 13.6 to 13.8 VDC @ 25 ° C- 3,670 cycles at 40% DOD- 2,450 cycles at 60% DOD- 1,630 cycles at 80% DOD- 680 cycles at 100% DOD6-CNFJ-55Rated voltage: 12 V DCCapacitance (C20): 60 AhCapacitance (C10): 55 AhDimensions (LxWxH): 229 x 138 x 215 mmOverall height inkl.Pole: 215 mmWeight: 16.9 kg
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