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VICTRON - Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 12/30 (1 + 1)

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Phoenix smart charger IP4312 V, 2 outputs 12/30 (1 + 1)Ready for Bluetooth SmartChanging the... more
Product information "VICTRON - Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 12/30 (1 + 1)"
Phoenix smart charger IP4312 V, 2 outputs 12/30 (1 + 1)Ready for Bluetooth SmartChanging the settings and update the charger for newly available software functions capable Bluetooth with any smartphone, tablet or other device to be made.Phoenix Smart (1 + 1): two outputs for charging two battery banksThe second output is provided to charge the starter battery. Consequently, it is limited to 3 A and has a slightly lower output voltage to the load results in no generally starter battery.Automatic voltage compensationThe charger compensates a voltage drop across the DC cables by slightly increasing the output voltage when the DC current increases.For more details, see the manual.Adaptive five-stage charge algorithm: constant current - ( "bulk") phase, constant voltage - ( "absorption") phase recovery ( "recondition") phase, trickle charge voltage - ( "float") phase, bearing - voltage ( "storage") Phase:The Phoenix smart charger has our well-known "adaptive" 'battery management system that can be adapted to the different types of batteries. "Adaptive" means that the charging characteristic is automatically adjusted to the type of battery usage.The right amount of charge: variable absorption timeAt low battery discharge (. Eg a yacht connected to shore power) a short absorption time is selected to avoid overcharging.After a deep discharge, the constant voltage phase is automatically extended to ensure that the battery is fully charged.Preventing damage due to excessive gassing: The Battery Safe Mode (see Figure 2)In order to shorten the charging time, a high charge current was selected together with a high constant voltage.But this excessive gas evolution, the charger is avoided at the end of the constant current phase, limits the rate of voltage increase once the gassing voltage has been reached.Less maintenance and aging in the idle state of the battery: the storage modeThe storage mode is always activated when no discharge has taken place within 24 hours.in the storage mode, the trickle charge voltage is then reduced to 2.2 V / cell (13.2 V for a 24 V battery), in order to minimize gas evolution and corrosion of the positive plates.once a week the voltage is raised to the level of gassing.This achieves a sort of compensation charge, the electrolyte stratification and the sulfation - prevents - the two main reasons for premature battery failure.Loading and lithium-ion (LiFePO4) batteriesIt can be attached off control of an on / off by a relay or an optocoupler open collector output of a Li-Ion BMS for remote on / off port is connected.Alternatively, voltage and current can also fully control via Bluetooth.Fully programmable charging algorithmThe charging algorithm can be programmed via Bluetooth or via the VE.Direct interface.Using the MODE button you can select between three pre-programmed algorithms (see specifications).Remote On / OffThe remote on / off is composed of two terminals: Remote H and remote L.Between H and L a remote A may be on / off switch or relay are connected.Alternatively, the terminal H can be pulled or the terminal L can be pulled down.See manual for details.VE.Direct interfaceFor a wired data connection with a Color Control Panel, a PC or other devices.Note the VictronConnect app under Downloads / Software on Victron Energy website.programmable relayCan a Bluetooth-enabled device can be programmed via the VE.Direct interface or to trigger an alarm or other events.Technical specifications:Input voltage VAC 230 (range 210-250 V)DC input voltage range from 290 to 355 VDCFrequency 45 / -65 HzPower Factor 0.7Deduction recycle stream separated AC: connected <0.1 mA AC charger and remote control of: <6 mAPower consumption without load 1WEfficiency 94%"Constant" -Ladespannung (absorption): Normal: 14.4 V / High: 14.7V / lithium ions: 14.2 V"Maintenance" -Ladespannung (float): Normal: 13.8 V / high: 13,8 / lithium ions: 13.5 VStorage mode: Normal: 13.2V / High: 13.2V / lithium ions: 13.5 VCharging current house battery 30 A15 A low power modeA starter battery charging current 3Charging algorithm in five stages, adaptiveProtection: reverse polarity to the battery (backup, not accessible by the user) / output short circuit / temperatureCan be use as power supply: Yes, output voltage can be combined with Bluetooth and / or discontinue VE.Direct.Operating temperature range -20 to 60? (0-140 F) - rated output current of up to 40 ° C, deteriorates linearly to 20% at 60 ° CHumidity (non-condensing) max 95%Relay (programmable) DC current rating: 5 A up to 28 VDCBattery Connection screw 16 mm² (AWG6)AC outlet: IEC 320 C14 input with holder (AC-cable with country-specific plug must be ordered separately.)Protection class IP43 (electronic components), IP22 (connection area)Weight 3.5 kgDimensions (HxBxT) 180 x 249 x 100 mmAC POWER CORD (1973806) PLEASE ORDER SEPARATELY!
[Note that this product description is an automatic translation. Please contact us if you have any questions.]

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