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SIMRAD - GO9XSE / Active Imaging 3in1 / HALO20 + Radar Bundl

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Set consisting of SIMRAD 9 "touchscreen chartplotter GO9 XSE, Active Imaging 3in1 rear seal... more
Product information "SIMRAD - GO9XSE / Active Imaging 3in1 / HALO20 + Radar Bundl"
Set consisting of SIMRAD 9 "touchscreen chartplotter GO9 XSE, Active Imaging 3in1 rear seal donors and SIMRAD Halo20 + pulse compression radarThe Simrad GO9 XSE plotter navigation display is ideal for function extension on pleasure boats, cruise ships and in smaller center consoles with plug-and-play support for Simrad Broadband Radar ™ and Halo ™ pulse compression radar systems.Behind the super bright multi-touch widescreen display and an integrated GPS receiver, Wi-Fi and a GoFree® NMEA hide 2000® compound according to industry standard.Connect smartphones and tablets say you operate your sound system on board, monitor engine data and choose from a wide range of integrated sonar technologies - so you are sure to go and find fish like the pros.User-friendly multi-touch displayThe GO9 XSE offers maximum ease of use with intuitive touch screen controls, the smartphone and tablet users are already familiar.Tap to create or select waypoints, use pinch-to-zoom, or tap and drag to switch seamlessly between different cards.The simple home screen and menu layout for quick access to all functions with large and clear icons that are easy to recognize and to tap.Plotter navigation & Waypoint ManagementThe GO9 XSE is a plotter with full functionality and support for a wide range of Kartografieoptionen such. B. C MAP® MAX-N, Navionics®, Insight®, Insight and Genesis® NV Digital® cards.Navigate safely near and distant targets with a flexible selection of cards that are most appropriate for your needs and your position.Put these goals thanks to the waypoint management easily determine and draw them in: Mark waypoints with a touch, and give them unique names that let you just look for your desired destination, whether you are ten or 1000 places have marked on a map.See more with a Simrad radar systemThe Simrad GO9 XSE is a fully featured radar display with plug-and-play connectivity to Simrad Broadband 3G ™, Broadband 4G ™ and Halo ™ pulse compression radar systems.Navigate safely through full ports or in poor visibility. Keep distant storm areas in the eye and see flocks of birds that indicate good fishing grounds.Thanks to automatic fine adjustment You always see a clear radar image and radar overlay combined radar data with navigation maps for an easy comprehensible view of your surroundings.Fully customizable interfaceThe Simrad GO9 XSE can comprehensively to the needs of your boat and your favorite water activities are adapted - of Powerboating, to the fishing and water sports.Customize your home screen with shortcuts to the most frequently used functions, and personalize it with your personal background.With customizable split-screen views and window layouts you can get everything you need, which activity seen on a screen, and just pursue.Intelligent planning trip Intel ™ technologyDesigned for motor boaters trip Intel technology, the crucial information you need for a safe and enjoyable plan your days on the water capture and display.Meet smart decisions by placing the reach with the available fuel on cards, easy access to current and future tide level and view a detailed history of your previous trips, including on the performance of your boat.Simplified navigation with auto routingAutoRouting brings the comfort of navigation out of the car into the boat. To set fast route firm and drive off more quickly.Simply select a destination, and your GO XSE display will suggest the shortest and safest route before. Here also the depth and the size of your boat are taken into account.This function is with Navionics Navionics Platinum + or cards (Navionics autorouting) available as well as Jeppesen C-MAP MAX-N + cards (Jeppesen EasyRouting).Integrated GPS receiver with 10 Hz *Thanks to the high-speed GPS receiver, your position updated ten times per second, the Simrad GO9 XSE ideal for use on board fast rigid inflatable boats and powerboats.See the continuous, accurate movement of your boat in real time, without the display jumps to the screen from one point to the next.Cruise MapThe specially developed for Powerboats Simrad GO9 XSE offers a unique cruise-card side, the critical navigation data and maps in an easy to read display combined.Select the relevantesten information for your cruising type and your water activities, and edit the screen data, if necessary.NMEA 2000® engine monitoring instruments &The Simrad GO9 XSE can be connected to all of your boat NMEA 2000®-compatible devices on board, including among other outboard and inboard engines, fuel quantity and -Flussmesser, speed, direction and water temperature sensors.Create your own digital instrument display, giving you a wide range of information is available, even if the instrument display is very full, and keep the same overview with as few different instruments.Monitor the depth with the integrated sonarto know the actual depth beneath your boat hull, you can help to enjoy your time on the water carefree.And you can easily suitable anchorages in uncharted waters find.With the integrated sonar You only need a suitable sonar transducer add to accurately track in real time the depth.A scroll-performance low protocol allows you to easily track and setting waypoints for promising anchorages while StructureScan Imaging ™ DownScan- and sidescan sonars combined for an image similar view of the ground beneath your boat.Cruise and thanks to the Forward Scan ™ -Sonar with confidenceBy using an optional Forward scan oscillator that delivers forward-looking sonar a clear 2D image of the ground in front of your boat, so you can navigate in shallow or poorly charted waters safely.With real-time updates and view of the body of water in front of you - and up to eight times your current depth, forward scan meets all the conditions so that you can enjoy and relax your boating safely.Find fish with CHIRP & StructureScan® HD sidescan imagingWhether you like fishing for your life or is this just an occasional hobby, with each fishing trip you will be integrated by the wide range sonar technologies Simrad GO9 XSE benefit. Add a suitable chair added, which is separately or bundled with your display available, and the GO9 XSE can be more effective fishfinder with CHIRP-enabled broadband sonar for a clear recognition of fish in the water column are used.With optional HDI or TotalScan oscillator of GO9 XSE also provides StructureScan HD sidescan imaging for an image similar view of the bottom with fish under and around your boat.Simrad SonicHub®2- & Bluetooth® audio integrationIf you do not feel at home without a good soundtrack on the water, the Simrad SonicHub®2 Marine Audio System is the perfect companion for a GO9 XSE display.Stream music from Bluetooth® linked tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, play MP3 files from a USB flash drive from, or listen to the built-in AM / FM radio of SonicHub secondThe SonicHub 2 offers complete control of your audio entertainment system on your GO9 XSE display, so you do not need a separate stereo and still be able to hear your music on your way.Gofree ™ -Cloud capability with integrated WLANThanks to the integrated WLAN Simrad GO9 XSE provides direct access to gofree cloud services, including wireless cards downloads, software updates, and more.Whether your boat is in the driveway and you are connected to your wireless network at home, with the WLAN in port or out on the water with your smartphone, you can access from anywhere on the gofree cloud services where you have an Internet connection available.On the water gofree connects the Simrad GO9 XSE with your mobile devices, with the your display screen is mirrored on your phone or you get complete control of your tablet from the gofree controller application.Technical specifications:· Display Type WVGA Color TFT LCD· Display Size 9-inch widescreen· Display Resolution (pixels x pixels) 800 x 480· Backlighting levels LED / 1200 nits· Waypoint Storage: 10,000 points total combined waypoints / route points· Card Slot: microSD Dual· Built-in GPS· Navico background map and Navionics Global Basemap· Card Options Navionics / C-MAP / NV Digital Charts / Insight· Network connections NMEA2000· Sonar CHIRP and DownScan, frequency of 50/200/455 / 800kHz· Transduceryp transom or through hull · Operating in operation -15 ° C to +55 ° C (5 ° F to 131 ° F)· Power Consumption 12 W @ 13.8 V· Power supply (operating voltage) 12 V DC· Waterproof to IPX7· Dimensions (WxHxD) 243 x 171 x 83 mm· Weight 1:32 kg The HALO20 + enables close range scanning almost in real time with the industry's leading rotational speed of 60 rev / min to avoid collisions.Recognize potential hazards immediately thanks Velocity Track ™ -Doppler technology, and take advantage of simultaneous sampling at close range and in large distances of up to 36 nautical miles - a compact 20-inch radome antenna.product features- 36 sm range with a compact 20-inch radome- Advanced pulse compression technology with Beam Sharpening function- Simultaneous Dual Range mode for near and far vision- Ultra high-speed operation at 60 U / min at a range up to 1.5 sm- Velocity Track ™ -Doppler technology to avoid collisions- Easy operation with port, on-sea, weather and Vogelmodi- MARPA target tracking (up to 10 destinations, 20 in dual radar mode)- Ready to use out of the standby modeHALO20 + is ideally suited for a variety of coastal boats, equipped with a compact radome and antenna provides high resolution at close range, medium and large distances.Monitor two distance ranges simultaneously in Dual Range mode, which allows you to keep distant thunderstorm cells in the eye while you have risks of collision near in view.The pulse compression technology HALO20 + -Radars ensures that the target detection is not affected of the selected range, while the beam sharpening technology allows for improved isolation between near and distant targets.Thanks to the industry's first operation with 60 U / at distances up to 1.5 miles the HALO20 + -Radar provides a full 360 degree rotation per second min.The extremely fast update allows at close range a view near real-time to avoid collisions with fast moving targets.The Velocity Track ™ technology provides immediate visual feedback on whether to approach or objectives they move away.The easy to understand color coding shows potential hazards, improving situational awareness and reduces the risk of collision in addition.The HALO20 + -Radar automatically checks each target in the respective area.It is not necessary to select individual targets manually and there is no limit to the number of displayed on the screen at targets.The Halo20 + -Radar can be activated immediately from the energy-saving standby mode and provides out without delay right there for a high speed radar coverage where it is needed.Even if the HALO20 + -Radar is completely turned off, it is ready for operation as opposed to traditional pulse radar antennas within a few seconds. No warm-up phase.Whether navigating through high traffic waterways or poor visibility conditions prevail, the HALO20 + -Radar provides a clear picture of your current environment.The operation modes Harbor, Offshore, Weather, Bird and Custom optimize the advanced signal processing of the HALO20 + -Radars to ensure that objectives are clearly visible even under the harshest environmental conditions.Technical specificationsSupply voltage 10.5 - 31.2 VDC (12 / 24V system)Max. Wind speed 100 knots (51 m / s)Typical power consumption 20WOperating temperature range -25 ° to + 55 ° C (-13 ° to + 130 ° F)Max. Power consumption 29WMax range, scale 36 NMBeamwidth 4.9 ° H nominal (-3dB) 2.5 ° with target separation on high x 25 ° VWeight 5.9 kg (13 lbs) without cableMin.-area Maßstab50 m / 200 ft / 50 ydDimensions Diameter 510mm (20 ")Dimensions (L x W x H) 510mm dia x 223 mm H. (20 "dia x 8.8" H)Recommended fuse rating 5AHumidity 95% RH at 35 ° C (95 ° F)Radar modes Harbor, Offshore, Weather, Bird, Dual Range, North Up, Course Up, Relative motion, True MotionWater resistance IPX6Pulse Compression Radar TechnologySpeed ​​Up to 60 RPM (Range Dependent)
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