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B & G - Triton² speed / depth / Wireless Wind Package

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B & G instruments Triton² display, including DST810 transducer, WS320 wireless wind sensor... more
Product information "B & G - Triton² speed / depth / Wireless Wind Package"
B & G instruments Triton² display, including DST810 transducer, WS320 wireless wind sensor interface and NMEA 2000 Starter Kit

The B & G Triton² instrument display is the clearest multipurpose Segelinstrument- and autopilot display, with a 4.1-inch color display, which is bonded so well that no moisture condensation is possible ( "optically bonded").
With transflexiver LCD technology for exceptional contrast and visibility in all lighting conditions for a greater range Triton² is clearly the first choice.

Product features:
· Optical bound 4.1-inch color display
· Transflective LCD technology for optimum visibility in sunshine
· Unique features such as sailing Sail Steer and WindPlot
· AIS repeater with target filtering messages and DSC call
· Shows wind, speed, depth, heading, autopilot status and more
· Easy to use, easy installation
· NMEA 2000® certified
· Low profile design
· Low energy consumption

Technical specifications:
· Dimensions 118 x 115 x 28 mm (4.6 x 4.5 x 1.1 inches)
· Weight 0.32 kg (0.3 lb)
· Power consumption 1.8 W (MAX)
· Network load 3 LEN
· Color: Black
· Display size 4.1-inch (diagonal) 4: 3 aspect ratio
· Display Type Transflective TFT LCD, tied White LED backlight
· Display Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
· Lighting White for daylight mode, red, green, blue or white for night mode
· Waterproof IPx7

DST810 depth, speed and temperature sensor for Triton. A compact multi-sensor data over depth, speed and temperature provides, by a single sensor on the lift, which can be easily installed and connected directly to the network.

The main functions:
· Combined Speed ​​& Depth
· Highest accuracy
· Single installation on the ship's side
· Integrated water temperature
· 6m long connection cable NMEA2000

WS320 Wireless wind sensor with receiver / interface for connection to NMEA 2000 networks

High-precision radio wind sensor from B & G, designed for sailing and regattas.
The easy to install WS320 wireless wind sensor offers a powerful solution with exceptional data accuracy and improved aerodynamics.
The easy to install WS320 wireless wind sensor is the perfect solution for every sailor, precise and fast wind data send your instruments.

High Performance - Provides in all conditions while sailing and heeling consistently very accurate wind data.
The WS320 was compared with several sensors in more than 500 individual wind tunnel tests.
No compromise on Remote Wind Sensors - Simple installation and light weight, ideal for smaller boats - without compromising performance for wireless convenience.
The WS320 has the same accuracy (both in the wind angle, as well as the wind speed) as the wired version, where the wind is outputted five times per second.
Reliability - As the most exposed to the elements sensor on a yacht has the wind sensor - vital for instruments and autopilot control - to meet an exceptionally high standard.
In addition to the standard tests of the B & G WS320 sensors for more than 200,000 hours combined field tests have been subjected.
Easy installation - Intelligent power management with recharging.
Superior data accuracy and aerodynamics, sensor quality and reliability.

Technical specifications
- Weight encoder: 0.32 kg
- Environment: IPx6 / IPx7
- Operating temperature: -25 ° C to 65 ° C
- Current consumption transmitter: solar powered
- resolution Wind speed: 0.05 m / sec (0.1 Knots)
- accuracy wind speed: +/- 0.1 m / sec (0.2 Kts) of 2 Kts to 80 Kts
- measuring the wind speed of 0.25 - 50 m / sec (0.5 to 97 Knots)
- resolution wind angle: 0.1 °
- Accuracy wind angle: +/- 0.5 °
- Transmission range (max. Distance to the receiver): <= 30 m
- Dimensions receiver / Interface: Ø 90 mm, 38 mm H
- Power supply receiver / interface: 9-16 V DC via NMEA 2000 network, 2 LEN (<100 mA)
- data output to the interface: NMEA2000

[Note that this product description is an automatic translation. Please contact us if you have any questions.]

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