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LOWRANCE - holder Transom Transducers Hook² BULLET / SPLIT S
Transducer Bracket for Hook² Bullet and split shot timer.
€14.90 * instead of €16.65 * RRP
LOWRANCE - HST-WSU 83/200 kHz transom transducer Uniplug
Spare transom sensor for Lowrance Mark and Elite fishfinder the first generation.Cable length of 6 meters.The UNIPLUG plug is suitable for older Lowrance MARK and ELITE devices. The power supply of the device is a device connected to the...
€78.90 * instead of €88.05 * RRP
LOWRANCE - 455 / 800kHz DSI Skimmer® donors Uniplug
Reiner DownScan transom donors as a replacement for Lowrance Mark and Elite DSI DSI.Not suitable for "normal" fish finder!The UNIPLUG plug is suitable for older Lowrance MARK and ELITE devices. The power supply of the device is a device...
€97.40 * instead of €108.28 * RRP
LOWRANCE - Hook² Triple Shot / Split Shot 3m donors extensio
8-pin extension cable for Hook² split shot or Triple Shot donors, and SIMRAD Cruise donors.3m / 10ft.Not recommended for Bullet (Hook² 4x / 4x Hook² GPS)!
€58.90 * instead of €65.44 * RRP
LOWRANCE - 7 PIN timer Adapter for Hook²
Transducer adapter cable for Hook² Split Shot / Triple Shot Equipment7-pole blue clutch 8-pin connector.Suitable for use by Lowrance blue-plug donors for Hook² SPLIT SHOT / TRIPLE SHOT devices.Not suitable for HOOK² BULLET!
€35.40 * instead of €39.26 * RRP
AIRMAR - P319 - 50/200 kHz DT thru-hull transducer Xsonic
The AIRMAR P319 is a 50/200 kHz through hull transducer with a single ceramic element in a low profile case. This housing optimized for a water resistance, on the other, this sensor is suitable for trailer boats and thus a good...
€180.90 * instead of €201.11 * RRP
AIRMAR - P79 - 50/200 kHz Hull Transducer Xsonic
The Airmar P79 is a special timer for lamination in fiberglass hulls. The piercing of the body eliminates it. The encoder also adapts deadrise angles up to 22 degrees. This ensures that the transmitter beam is oriented exactly...
€159.40 * instead of €177.31 * RRP
LOWRANCE - HDI stern transducer - 83/200 kHz - 455/800 kHz X
Blue HDI transducer (transom encoder) for CHIRP fish finder; MEDIUM / HIGH CHIRP - 83/200 kHz and DownScan Imaging; 455/800 kHz, for depths up to 300 m, m DownScan function to about the 90thConnecting cable 6m.The 9-pin black Xsonic plug...
€152.90 * instead of €170.17 * RRP
NAVICO - Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer
Active Imaging is a new scanning sonar technology did Provides incredibly detailed, high resolution imaging sonar without sacrificing any rangeActive Imaging transducers accomplish this by better directing the sidescan beams Which...
€387.40 * instead of €430.77 * RRP
LOWRANCE - HDS-7 LIVE without encoder
Each year, the fishfinder HDS is more fishing tournament professionals used as all the others combined Fishfinder brands.Even with HDS LIVE 7 this tradition continues on excellence and a top selection of innovative sonar functions is...
€1,249.90 * instead of €1,545.81 * RRP
NAVICO - Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer
Watch high-resolution images of fish movements – tracking them as they swim in and around cover with ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar. When you see how fish are located near structure and watch them respond to your lure, you will know if your...
€1,427.88 * instead of €1,605.31 * RRP
NAVICO - suction cup kit f. Portable skimmer donors
NAVICO - suction cup kit f. Portable skimmer donors
€21.40 * instead of €23.79 * RRP
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