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PALSTEK - Skipper tips Volume III
The 25 categories that divide this book are helpful to keep the overview of the more than 350 tips. The book and its classification should be but not a reference book, but entertaining reading with a high value. You will find that the...
€12.56 * €12.80 *
First aid on board - Emergency do the right...
In an emergency, do the right thingFabian SteffenPublisher: Edition MaritimFormat: Spiral-boundPages: 82Dimensions: 24.1 x 21 cmPhotos and illustrations: 70from the contentThe proper study of injured and sickThe supply of injuries and...
€14.63 * €14.90 *
PALSTEK - lightning protection on yachts
Storms increase in number and severity. Therefore the likelihood of increased lightning strike. Yachts calling with their masts these downright out and beifehlendem lightning damage can easily show the value of the ship...
€12.56 * €12.80 *