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Nasa Marine ist ein britischer Hersteller von Instrumenten. Der Hersteller zeichnet sich insbesondere durch ein ausgezeichnetes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis aus. Die Instrumente sind simpel aufgebaut, erledigen ihren Job aber (vermutlich gerade deshalb) sehr zuverlässig.

Die Instrumente der Baureihen "Target" und "Cruiser" sind mit kleineren Displays die Basis-Variante. Die Baureihe "Clipper" bietet größere und damit besser ablesbare Anzeigen.

Übrigens: Auch wenn es der Name vermuten lässt, hat NASA Marine nichts mit der gleichnamigen Weltraumorganisation zu tun.

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NASA - cap cover - for CLIPPER
for navigation devices display NASA CLIPPERDimensions:outside: 112.5 x 112.5 x 31.4 mminside: 110 x 110 mm
€11.90 * €12.90 *
NASA - TARGET2 - anemometer - wireless, completely
The new NASA TARGET2 anemometer works without any cables in the mast. The mounted below deck receiver unit is via a cable connection, the wind speed and direction to the TARGET2 display or any other NMEA 0183-compatible display such. as...
€329.00 * €355.00 *
NASA - cap cover - for TARGET
for navigation devices display NASA TARGETDimensions:outside: 131.8 x 98.0 x 21.0 mminside: 130.8 x 96.0 mm
€11.40 * €12.90 *
NASA - speed transducer - Replacement paddle wheel
Replacement paddle wheel for speed transducer
€15.90 * €18.90 *
NASA - speed transducer - mounting flange
Mounting flange for breakthrough without speed transducer
€22.90 * €24.90 *
NASA - CLIPPER - sounder
CLIPPER - High quality navigation equipment series of NASA- Large digital display, up to 40 mm high, easy to read- Connection option for a second display except for NCZ and NC89- Simple and uncomplicated operation- Suitable for robust...
€163.90 * €179.00 *
NASA - CLIPPER - EASYLOG - NMEA0183 Speed ​​instrument
Drive system without measuring paddle wheel and without moving parts. No through hull required !!!Simply connect the data input of CLIPPER EASYLOG with NMEA0183 output of your GPS receiver or plotter and receive a large and significant...
€94.90 * €101.00 *
NASA - TARGET2 - anemometer V2.0
Complete system consisting of display, NMEA0183 sensors and connecting cablesThe newly designed wind generator with NMEA0183 output offers through its update rate of 10 Hz, a particularly direct response to changes in the wind incidence....
€199.00 * €216.00 *
NASA - Bluetooth navtex BT-3 with HV antenna
NASA MARINE - navtex Bluetooth BT-3 H Vector antennaThe new bluetooth Navtex is a dual frequency NAVTEX receiver did decodes and stores NAVTEX messages for viewing on Android to bluetooth enabled mobile phone or tablet. The unit is...
€185.90 * €193.00 *
NASA - EML-2 CLIPPER LOG Display - Electromagnetic Log
Airspeed indicator system without a paddlewheel and no moving parts! The electromagnetic speed transducer EML-2 does not require a paddle wheel, which could be blocked by floating debris, vegetation or shells.The transducer generates an...
€249.00 * €262.00 *
NASA -. HF3 flush mount kit incl ext. Speaker
€39.00 * €44.90 *
NASA - HF3 Allwellenempfänger 30 KHz to 30 MHz
€239.00 * €258.00 *
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