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Die deutsche Traditionsseilerei aus Braunschweig fertigt seit über 250 Jahren und in 9. Generation Tauwerk. 

Dabei ist der Hersteller mit der Zeit gegangen und bietet Qualitäts-Leinen aus modernsten Materialien und zu trotzdem fairen Preisen. Die Seile aus dem Hause Seilflechter werden weltweit vertrieben und neben Industrieanwendungen ist der Yacht- und Offroad-Bereich einees der Haupteinsatzgebiete für Seilflechter-Tauwerk.

Mittlerweile hat der Hersteller sein Sortiment erweitert um hochwertiges Bootszubehör, von Fendern über Rettungswesten bis hin zu Pflegeprodukten.

Wir erweitern unser Angebot an Seilflechter-Produkten kontinuierlich. Auf Nachfrage können wir sämtliche Produkte aus dem Nautic-Katalog liefern.

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Seilflechter - Investor spring shock absorber for 6-12 mm ro
The Seilflechter shock absorber has a unique, integrated clamping system with Ösenverstärkung.It is 100% safe and effective clamping of mooring lines without the use of additional components such as shackles, thimbles, chains, knots or...
€16.70 * instead of €17.60 * RRP
Seilflechter - Segelnähgarn "fine", 120 m + needle about 0.4
Segelnähgarn "fine", 120 m + needle approximately 0.4 mm.1 coil 1 A special polyester sewing thread and one triangular sail needle.
€7.45 * instead of €8.27 * RRP
SPITA ResQ-plast Professional 25, beige, 25mm x 4.5m
€16.87 * instead of €18.74 * RRP
DR KEDDO -. Water conservation Mikrosept® 100 ml
The winner Mikrosep® is a preservative for drinking water on the basis of silver ions.Mikrosep®ist chlorine and nitrate-free and tasteless in the specified dosage and odorless.100 ml keep 1000 l water fresh.100 ml Mikrosep® / Pipette for...
Content 0.1 Liter (€99.00 * / 1 Liter)
€9.90 * instead of €12.50 * RRP
Seilflechter - 4 Tornado® clips + 4 Gummieinbinder white big
For these "EYE" You do not need any tools. Quickly and easily used to solve again. The Seilflechter Tornado® clip consists of two parts.The higher the train, the firmer the clip sits on the material.Optimal to cloths, tarpaulins,...
€6.50 * instead of €7.22 * RRP
Seilflechter - Sailing Adel Set
Sail needle set.Craft needles, also very good for repairing sails, awnings, upholstery etc.Per pack 5 different needles, including triangular needles, curved needles for buttons on cushions etc.
€4.62 * instead of €5.13 * RRP
Seilflechter - Boat Cleaner, 500 ml
Cleaning concentrate for fiberglass, paint, teak and fenders.Removes stubborn attack black rain stripes, remains of polish, yellowing and soot without GRP or paint.Highly concentrated.Enough for 400 square meters.Manufacturer:Dr. Keddo GmbH
Content 0.5 Liter (€29.96 * / 1 Liter)
€14.98 * instead of €16.65 * RRP
Seilflechter - Segelnähgarn "coarse", 60 m + needle about 0.
Segelnähgarn "coarse", 60 m + needle about 0.6 mm1 coil 1 A special polyesterSewing thread and one triangular sail needle.
€7.45 * instead of €8.27 * RRP
SPITA ResQ-plast Professional 25, beige, 25mm x 4.5m
€12.63 * instead of €14.03 * RRP
SPITA ResQ-plast Professional 25, beige, 25mm x 4.5m
€8.10 * instead of €9.30 * RRP
Seilflechter - Fenders and Inflatable Boat Cleaner, 250 ml
Removes dirt from fenders, boat and sailing.U eliminated. a. black streaks, chalking, tar and glue residue and protects the surface.Suitable for rubber, PVC, Hypalon and vinyl.Manufacturer:Dr. Keddo GmbH
Content 0.5 Liter (€29.96 * / 1 Liter)
€14.98 * instead of €16.65 * RRP
Seilflechter - fiberglass polish without silicone, 500 ml
GRP polish without silicone, 500 ml.Polish for the care of fiberglass and painted surfaces.Cleans without water.Acts dirt repellent and gives shine.Preserves the surface for at least one season.Highly weathered GRP surfaces to be renewed...
Content 0.5 Liter (€33.74 * / 1 Liter)
€16.87 * instead of €18.74 * RRP
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